Mixinit Crooklyn Clan Euro Disco Hits Vol. 1

| Abba – Lay All Your Love On Me (80s Redrum) (Clean) 133.mp3
| Alphaville – Big In Japan (Redrum) (Clean) 100 100.mp3
| Baby_s Gang – Happy Song (Dj Mhark Redrum) (Clean) 122.mp3
| Bad Boys Blue – I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Dj Mhark Redrum) (Clean) 114.mp3
| Bad Boys Blue – You_re A Woman (Dj Mhark Redrum V2) (Clean) 118.mp3
| Baltimora – Tarzan Boy (80_s Redrum) (Clean) 106.mp3
| Boney M. – Kalimba De Luna (Dj Mhark Redrum) (Clean) 112.mp3
| C.C. Catch – Cause You Are Young (Dj Mhark Redrum) (Clean) 116.mp3
| Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Around (Like A Record) (Dj Mhark Redrum V2) (Clean) 128.mp3
| Desireless – Voyage Voyage (Dj Mhark Redrum) (Clean) 124.mp3
| Dj Allan , Bananarama – Cruel Summer (Dj Allan Redrum) (Clean) 108.mp3
| Dj Allan , Bananarama – Venus (80s Redrum V2) (Clean) 128.mp3
| Dj Allan , Bananarama – Venus (80s Redrum) (Clean) 128.mp3
| Dj Allan , Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up (80s Redrum V2) (Clean) 120.mp3
| Dj Allan X Technotronic – Get Up (80_s Dance Redrum) (Clean) 124.mp3
| Dj Jeff X Ottawan – D.I.S.C.O 2022 (70_s Disco Redrum) (Clean) 123.mp3
| Dj Kram , Bandolero – Paris Latino (80s Redrum) (Clean) 115.mp3
| Dj Kram , Blue System – My Bed Is Too Big (80s Redrum) (Clean) 114.mp3
| Dj Kram , C.C.Catch – Strangers By Night (80s Redrum) (Clean) 118.mp3
| Dj Kram , Fancy – Flames Of Love (80s Redrum) (Clean) 124.mp3
| Dj Kram , Fancy – Slice Me Nice (80s Redrum) (Clean) 123.mp3
| Dj Kram , Fun Fun – Baila Bolero (80s Redrum) (Clean) 123.mp3
| Dj Kram , Miquel Brown – So Many Men, So Little Time (80s Club Edit) (Clean) 129.mp3
| Dj Kram , Secret Service – Flash In The Night (80s Redrum) (Clean) 125.mp3
| Dj Kram X Depeche Mode – Just Can_t Get Enough (80_s Redrum) (Clean) 128.mp3
| Dj Kram X F.R. David – Words (80_s Redrum) (Clean) 124.mp3
| Dj Kram X Ryan Paris – Dolce Vita (80_s Redrum) (Clean) 122.mp3
| Dj Kram X Sandra – In The Heat Of The Night (80_s Redrum) (Clean) 125.mp3
| Dj Kram X Valerie Dore – The Night (80_s Redrum) (Clean) 110.mp3
| Dj Mhark , Modern Talking – You Can Win If You Want (Dj Mhark Quick Kutz) (Clean) 112.mp3
| Dj Mhark , Ottawan – Crazy Music (Dj Mhark 2023 Redrum) (Clean) 108.mp3
| Evelyn Thomas – High Energy (Dj Mhark Redrum) (Clean) 124.mp3
| Francesco Napoli – Balla Balla (Dj Mhark Redrum) (Clean) 110.mp3
| Gazebo – Dolce Vita (80s Redrum) (Clean) 122.mp3
| Gazebo – I Like Chopin (80s Redrum) (Clean) 108.mp3
| Joy – Black Is Black (80s Redrum) (Clean) 125.mp3
| Joy – Valerie (80s Redrum) (Clean) 120.mp3
| Kano – It_s A War (Dj Mhark Redrum) (Clean) 125.mp3
| Laura Branigan – Gloria (Neo Redrum) (Clean) 131.mp3
| Londonbeat – I_ve Been Thinking About You (90s) (Dance) (Redrum) (Clean) 115.mp3
| Modern Talking – Brother Louie (Redrum) (Clean) 115.mp3
| Modern Talking – Cheri, Cheri Lady (Dj Mhark Redrum) (Clean) 118.mp3
| Ottawan – Hands Up (80s Redrum) (Clean) 124.mp3
| Righeira – Vamos A La Playa (80s Redrum V2) (Clean) 128.mp3
| Righeira – Vamos A La Playa (80s Redrum) (Clean) 128.mp3
| Roxanne – Charlene (80s Redrum) (Clean) 107.mp3
| Sandra – Maria Magdalena (Dj Allan 80s Redrum) (Clean) 104.mp3
| Silver Pozzoli – Around My Dream (80s Redrum) (Clean) 110.mp3
| Stars On 45 – Stars On 45 (Dj Mhark 80s Club Rework) (Clean) 122.mp3
| Taffy – I Love My Radio (80s Redrum) (Clean) 120.mp3
| When In Rome – The Promise (Dj Mhark Redrum) (Clean) 118.mp3
| Yazoo – Don_t Go (Dj Mhark Redrum) (Clean) 127.mp3

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