RemixTools Redrums Pack (Jan 23 2023)

| Ana Mena & Rocco Hunt – A Un Paso De La Luna [Saac Baley Redrum Extended Edit] 6B 125.mp3
| Blink-182 – All The Small Things [Javy L. Redrum] 8B 75.mp3
| Cosculluela FT. Wisin & Yandel – Prrrum [Redrum Remix] [DJ Nach Edit] 7B 95.mp3
| DJ Allan x Lauv – All 4 Nothing [DJ Allan Hype Redrum] [Clean] 3B 128.mp3
| DJ Allan x Lil Wayne – Got Money [DJ Allan Throwback Hype Redrum] [Clean] 8A 83.mp3
| DJ Allan x Linkin Park & Jay-Z – Dirt Off Your Shoulder [DJ Allan Throwback Redrum] [Dirty] 3A 82.mp3
| DJ Allan x The 411 – Dumb [DJ Allan Throwback Redrum] [Clean] 11A 101.mp3
| DJ Allan x The Game – Hate It Or Love It [Throwback Redrum] [Clean] 1A 100.mp3
| DJ Allan x U2 – Pride [DJ Allan 80’s Redrum] [Clean] 1B 106.mp3
| DJ Kram x Adeva – I Thank You [80’s Extended Redrum] [Clean] 3A 120.mp3
| DJ Kram x Amazulu – Mony Mony [80’s Extended Redrum] [Clean] 2B 128.mp3
| DJ Kram x Ashford & Simpson – Solid [80’s Extended Redrum] [Clean] 6A 102.mp3
| DJ Kram x Belouis Some – Imagination [80’s 12” Mix Redrum] [Clean] 3A 109.mp3
| DJ Kram x Brother Beyond – He Ain’t No Competition [80’s Extended Redrum] [Clean] 3A 127.mp3
| DJ Kram x Classix Nouveaux – Is It A Dream [80’s Extended Redrum] [Clean] 6A 136.mp3
| DJ Kram x Culture Club – I’ll Tumble 4 Ya [80’s Extended Redrum] [Clean] 1A 114.mp3
| DJ Kram x Culture Club – It’s A Miracle [Miss Me Blind] [80’s Extended Redrum] [Clean] 6A 122.mp3
| DJ Kram x Duran Duran – Is There Something I Should Know [80’s Extended Redrum] [Clean] 10B 124.mp3
| DJ Kram x Duran Duran – The Reflex [80’s Dance Mx Redrum] [Clean] 8A 126.mp3
| DJ Kram x Duran Duran – Union Of The Snake [80’s Extended Redrum] [Clean] 10A 116.mp3
| DJ Kram x Erasure – The Circus [80’s Extended Redrum] [Clean] 8A 96.mp3
| DJ Kram x Go West – We Close Our Eyes [80’s Extended Redrum] [Clean] 2A 130.mp3
| DJ Kram x Hazell Dean – Whatever I Do [Wherever I Go] [80’s Extended Redrum] [Clean] 7A 135.mp3
| DJ Kram x Hot Chocolate – Every 1’s A Winner [80’s Redrum] [Clean] 4A 108.mp3
| DJ Kram x Hue & Cry – Labour Of Love [80’s Groove Redrum] [Clean] 8A 124.mp3
| DJ Kram x Inner City – Ain’t Nobody Better [80’s Groove Redrum] [Clean] 11A 120.mp3
| DJ Kram x Jaki Graham – Set Me Free [80’s Extended Redrum] [Clean] 2A 105.mp3
| DJ Kram x Loose Ends – Hangin’ On A String [80’s Extended Redrum] [Clean] 1A 103.mp3
| DJ Kram x Maxi Priest – Some Guys Have All The Luck [80’s Reggae Extended Redrum] [Clean] 10A 92.mp3
| DJ Kram x Mel & Kim – Respectable [80’s Extended Redrum] [Clean] 6A 123.mp3
| DJ Kram x Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Telegraph [80’s Extended Redrum] [Clean] 3A 139.mp3
| DJ Kram x Paul Hardcastle – 19 [80’s Extended Redrum] [Clean] 9A 118.mp3
| DJ Kram x Phil Fearon & Galaxy – Everybody’s Laughing [80’s Extended Redrum] [Clean] 12B 116.mp3
| DJ Kram x Re-Flex – The Politics Of Dancing [80’s Extended Redrum] [Clean] 11A 128.mp3
| DJ Kram x Spandau Ballet – I Don’t Need This Pressure On [80’s Extended Redrum] [Clean] 9A 120.mp3
| DJ Kram x Talk Talk – Life’s What You Make It [80’s Extended Redrum] [Clean] 1A 93.mp3
| DJ Kram x The Human League – [Keep Feeling] Fascination [80’s Extended Redrum] [Clean] 9A 118.mp3
| DJ Kram x Yazoo – Situation [80’s Extended Redrum] [Clean] 12A 119.mp3
| DJ Mhark x David Guetta – She Wolf [Falling To Pieces] [Redrum] [Clean] 10A 130.mp3
| DJ Mhark x Pitbull & Go – I Know You Want Me [Calle Ocho] [Guaracha Redrum] [Clean] 8A 128.mp3
| DJ Mhark x Snoop Dogg & David Guetta – Sweat [Redrum] [Clean] 7A 130.mp3
| DJ Mhark x Taio Cruz – Higher [2022 Redrum] [Clean] 1A 128.mp3
| DJ Mhark x Trinidad Cardona – Hayya Hayya [Better Together] [Redrum] [Clean] 10A 129.mp3
| DJ Neo x Chipz – Kiss Me [Neo Throwback Redrum] [Clean] 1B 138.mp3
| DJ Neo x Chipz – One, Two, Three [Neo Throwback Redrum] [Clean] 1B 138.mp3
| DJ Neo x Chris Brown – Under The Influence [Neo Redrum] [Dirty] 8A 59.mp3
| DJ Neo x Chris Brown – Wet The Bed [Neo TikTok Redrum] [Clean] 11A 62.mp3
| DJ Neo x Coconut Girl – Fly Away [Neo Throwback Redrum] [Clean] 1A 136.mp3
| DJ Neo x Jessica Jay – My Macho [Dance Remix] [Neo Throwback Redrum] [Clean] 12B 138.mp3
| DJ Neo x JKM – Baby Oh [Cover] [Neo TikTok OPM Redrum] [Clean] 12B 65.mp3
| DJ Neo x Jung Kook – Dreamers [FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 OST] [Neo Redrum] [Clean] 8B 115.mp3
| DJ Neo x Lips – 1993 [Motivo] [Neo Throwback Redrum] [Clean] 4B 135.mp3
| DJ Neo x Sqeezer – Tamagotchi [Neo Naughty Throwback Redrum] [Clean] 11A 140.mp3
| La Union – Hombre Lobo En Paris [Javy L’s West End Boyz Redrum English Version] 11B 73.mp3
| Madness – Un Paso Adelante [Javy L. Redrum] 5A 78.mp3
| Material Issue – Valerie Loves Me [DJ Javy L. Redrum] 8A 93.mp3
| Nelly Furtado – Turn Off The Light [DJ Cristian Cox Re-Work Drums Final Out Instrumental] 9A 90.mp3
| Nicki Minaj, Maluma & Myriam Fares – Tukoh Taka [Redrum] [Main] 6A 124.mp3
| Post Malone & Doja Cat – I Like You Redrum [DJ Jono] [Main] 7A 101.mp3
| Roy Orbison – You Got It [Onne Edit Drums & Bass Intro 2023] 11B 115.mp3
| Selena Gomez – My Mind & Me [DJ 52 Redrum] [Main] 11A 128.mp3
| Steve D. x Alesso – Words [Redrum] [Clean] 3A 124.mp3
| Steve D. x Bazzi – Beautiful 2023 [Redrum] [Clean] 10A 50.mp3
| Steve D. x Bea Miller, 6LACK – It’s Not U It’s Me 2023 [Redrum] [Clean] 5A 76.mp3
| Steve D. x Benny Blanco – Eastside 2023 [Redrum] [Clean] 10A 90.mp3
| Steve D. x Bizzey, Ronnie Flex & Shirak – Maria 2023 [Reggaeton Redrum] [Clean] 9A 91.mp3
| Steve D. x Boney M. – Bahama Mama 2023 [Redrum] [Clean] 10A 130.mp3
| Steve D. x Cardi B – Be Careful 2023 [Redrum] [Dirty] 11A 76.mp3
| Steve D. x City Girls – Act Up 2023 [Party Starter Redrum] [Dirty] 5A 97.mp3
| Steve D. x Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – Selfiesh 2023 [Hype Redrum] [Clean] 6A 96.mp3
| Steve D. x Dinah Jane – Retrograde 2023 [Redrum] [Dirty] 8A 83.mp3
| Steve D. x Diplo – Worry No More 2023 [Redrum] [Clean] 6A 83.mp3
| Steve D. x Drake – Nonstrop 2023 [Redrum] [Clean] 6A 80.mp3
| Steve D. x Ellie Goulding – Close To Me 2023 [Redrum] [Clean] 12A 72.mp3
| Steve D. x G-Eazy – 1942 2023 [Redrum] [Dirty] 10A 82.mp3
| Steve D. x Inna – Si Mama 2023 [Moombahton Redrum] [Clean] 5A 79.mp3
| Steve D. x J Balvin & Sean Paul – Contra La Pared 2023 [Reggaeton Redrum] [Clean] 7A 93.mp3
| Steve D. x J Boog – Let’s Do It Again 2023 [Reggae Redrum] [Clean] 5B 87.mp3
| Steve D. x Jason Aldean – Drows The Whiskey 2023 [Redrum] [Clean] 4B 90.mp3
| Steve D. x Jerrih & Richie Loop – Backs Shat 2023 [Redrum] [Clean] 2A 100.mp3
| Steve D. x Jozzy – Sucka Free 2023 [Redrum] [Dirty] 10A 80.mp3
| Steve D. x Karol G, Yandel – La Ocasion Perfecta 2023 [Redrum] [Clean] 3A 80.mp3
| Steve D. x Keith Urban – Coming Home 2023 [Hype Redrum] [Clean] 1B 96.mp3
| Steve D. x Khalid – Better 2023 [Redrum] [Clean] 6B 98.mp3
| Steve D. x Kid Ink – Yuso 2023 [Redrum] [Dirty] 8A 94.mp3
| Steve D. x Kim Pertras – Clarity 2023 [Redrum] [Dirty] 6B 80.mp3
| Steve D. x Lauv – I Like Me Better 2023 [Redrum] [Clean] 11B 92.mp3
| Steve D. x Lil Nas X – Kick It 2023 [Redrum] [Clean] 10A 76.mp3
| Steve D. x Major Lazer – Can’t Take If From Me 2023 [Redrum] [Clean] 1A 80.mp3
| Steve D. x Mr. Polska – Wildin 2023 [Redrum] [Clean] 4A 70.mp3
| Steve D. x Pitbull – Move Shake Drop [Redrum] [Clean] 9A 128.mp3
| Steve D. x Quartiere Coffee – In Jamaica 2023 [Reggae Redrum] [Clean] 4A 70.mp3
| Steve D. x Steven Live – Bruk Out 2023 [Moombahton Redrum] [Clean] 8A 96.mp3
| Steve D. x TOY – Starlight 2023 [Redrum] [Dirty] 7B 80.mp3
| Steve D. x Travis Scott – Butterfly Effect 2023 [Redrum] [Clean] 1A 71.mp3
| Taylor Swift – Lavender Haze [Redrum] [Main] 5A 97.mp3
| The Cranberries – Dreams [Javy L. Redrum] 12B 130.mp3
| The Pretenders – Back On The Chain Gang [Javy L. Redrum] 10A 76.mp3
| Toby King – Pamela [Onne Edit Drums Intro-Outro 2023] [Clean Version] 6A 108.mp3

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