Edson Pride Remixes (May 23 2022)

| Britney Spears, Maycon Reis – Baby One More Time (Edson Pride INTRO Remix).wav
| Cherish – Do It To It ‘2K22 (Edson Pride No Rap Mix).wav
| Cherish – Do It To It ‘2K22 (Edson Pride Remix).wav
| Dom Dolla – Pump The Brakes (Edson Pride Reconstruction MIx).wav
| Gayle – Abcdefu (Edson Pride & Junior Senna Remix).wav
| Katy Perry – By The Grace of God (Edson Pride Anthem Mix).wav
| Kim English – Unspeakable Joy 2K22 (R sil & Edson Pride Super Private Mix).wav
| Lady GaGa – Hold My Hand (Adrian Lagunas & Edson Pride Remix).wav
| Lady GaGa – Poker Face ‘2K22 (Edson Pride Remix).wav
| Madonna – Celebration ‘2K22 (Edson Pride INTRO Remix).wav
| Madonna – Celebration ‘2K22 (Edson Pride Remix).wav
| Madonna – Jump 2K22 (Edson Pride Private Mix).wav
| Mariah Carey – My All (Edson Pride Anthem Mix).wav
| Meduza feat. Hozier – Tell It To My Heart (Junior Senna & Edson Pride Remix).wav
| Rihanna – S&M (Edson Pride Remix).wav
| Shouse – Won’t Forget You (Edson Pride Remix).wav
| Sia – Elastic Heart ‘2K22 (Edson Pride Unreleased Mix).wav
| Skunk Anansie – Brazen Weep 2K22 (Edson Pride Private Mix).wav
| The Jacksons – Can You Feel It (Edson Pride Remix).wav

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